Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Spirits

Can be very bad for you. especially if you aren't used to them. That punch may taste light and refreshing or smooth and creamy if it's eggnog (calories!) but they can still make you do or say things you might regret later. Then I hear that there is that morning after thing, a hangover I believe it's called, so here comes the annual how to drink and recover list.

This year they even discuss the perceived effects of different types of alcohol. It was about as convincing as saying that the iPod shuffle doesn't have moods. We all know it does but they keep trotting out scientific "evidence" that it really is random, just as they do trying to convince us that alcohol is alcohol. Not. Just like all carbohydrates aren't equal.

30 amazing things you can do with widgets. But do I really need to know how to take care of a chia pet?

How about starting a fire with a can of coke and a chocolate bar? It and 25 other food hacks can be found here.

Nine reasons to hate Christmas. Ho, ho.

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