Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One By One

A phrase that can apply to Congressmen, newspapers and anybody not in the White House when it comes to discussing the abandonment of support for the Iraq war. The rest of America is leaving in droves and as usual, politicians are behind the times. If elections weren't such a pain in the rear we should have them more often, just to keep our elected representatives honest and on their toes.

And then there are the suck-ups, guys who should know better but are stuck in the past.

What do you mean that Shai Shai doesn't know it's Christmas? Of course she knows that the baby Jesus was born thousands of years ago so people can run around buying gifts they can't afford for people who won't appreciate them. As if that wasn't enough, now you can spend ungodly amounts of money on your pets and include them in the artificialness of the holidays. Give me a break, but for the entertainment value KFOG will have pets in drag pics up after 10 am. Did you know that India has a pet dinner delivery service?

As I've stated before, I went to school with Mikey Weinstein. Not only was I in the military myself, but I was an Air Force dependent until I joined and an Army dependent after I got out. Religion was never pushed down our throats, though I will admit that all of the AF bases I lived on (Fairchild, Ramey, Vandenberg) had a very strong Southern Baptist or Pentecostal contingent. I know since I was baptized Pentecostal at sixteen. Then I joined the Army, they aren't as particular about which God you pray to when the bullets are flying. I guess it's a little easier to pick and choose when you are above the action. That doesn't give you the right to push your religion down the troops throats or to give the enemy a perfect weapon of propaganda. You go Mikey.

This so not cool, another Hundred Year War, and we're part of it. How about we quit creating more terrorists and clean up the mess we have, before we try to take the splinter out of someone else's eye? Just like the Dark Ages this will pass, provided we quit providing fuel and giving them more ammunition to strengthen their position. But that goes against the macho position that we must maintain so people don't perceive us as weak and ineffectual. Too late.

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