Friday, December 01, 2006

Ignoring The Truth

JurassicPork wrote a brilliant post entitled "Impeach the Cheerleader, Save The World". Priceless!

Major geek time! Some of the future predicted by science fiction is just around the corner. Invisibility, anti-gravity and perpetual motion. Oh my! What about the transporter?

I have a healthy fear of waves. I would prefer to live near the mountains than the ocean. From the little tiny waves with the wicked undertow that can steal you off a beach to the ultimate expression of Mother Nature's power, the tsunami. The Mediterranean is not a place that most would envision suffering from a ten story wave, traveling at 450 mph. Glad I missed it.

Since these people were wrong from the get go, why would they suddenly be right, now? At what point is Washington going to realize and accept what the rest of the world knows as fact? Iraq is in the midst of a civil war and nothing that we do there is going to improve the situation. We can only make it worse as we lose more valuable lives in a lost cause. If only we knew what that cause actually was. It's sad how the hope for change before the election has been reduced to a distant useless memory. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

2008 is not what the people of Iraq or the United States want. They want to see a change immediately, preferably one that doesn't involve explosions but does involve taillights. Meanwhile, the crew without a clue choose sides in the not so civil war.

It's not so secret now. I had a vegetarian boss who was a real witch when it came to travel. I wonder what they would think of her?

In honor of World Aids Day here is an article about increasing condom use. What's so novel about that? Well, some genius decided that if they talked up the pleasure potential, the use would go up. The money quote.
"Since pursuit of pleasure is one of the main reasons that people have sex, this factor must be addressed when motivating people to use condoms and participate in safer sexual behavior," the authors say in the "Viewpoint."
Oh yeah. Pleasure. Do the fundies know that? I don't think they'll approve.

Cheating in an ethics class? Say it isn't so.

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