Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nothing's Changed

Microsoft is still sticking it to the little guy. Or in this case, mom and pop businesses that heretofore have made a profit because of the internet. It sounds so simple, it can't possibly be that bad is your first thought, then reality sets in and you realize that once again, the deck is stacked in the favor of big business. All under the guise of protection.

More and more it is becoming harder to find a way to be independent, the Wal-Martization of the underclass continues.

It would almost crack me up if this wasn't so sad. Conservatives continually piss, weep and moan about America losing its sovereignty because of the United Nations or being overrun by illegal aliens and yet they are all too willing to sell the nation piece by piece and inch by inch to the highest bidder. All in the name of not having to raise taxes. The people are still paying but now they no longer own the country they live and travel in. Nice going guys. What's next, putting control of our water under Osama bin Laden?

There's no substitute for the human touch and what a novel solution to the illegal immigrant problem. Move the business to where they are, even if it's growing lettuce. If only we could outsource the executives instead of the businesses, the dollar might not be headed in a downward spiral.

Have you taken MSNBC's end of year test?


  1. Well, actually, something did change: Microsoft listened. It listened to millions of web browser users complaining they couldn't tell phishing sites from real ones and did the best/only thing they could: create a more secure browser that at least helps identify non-business entities.

    A mom-and-pop like the one featured in today's WSJ could fairly easily form an LLC and get the required certificate so the bar is still fairly low. But at least give the Redmond giant some credit...;-)

  2. It doesn't help, the little people are what made the internet so attractive to the large corporations and it is not easy and not worth the hassle to become a LLC just to satisfy a browser requirement.

    This will also have other ramifications that weren't thought of, as usual. Wait until the other "improvements" kick in and you can't use your own computer because it doesn't conform.

    Get Firefox. The only MS I have on my computer is an old Office suite, I refuse to give them a dime.