Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Quirky Tidbits

Kitty Alzheimer's, what are the symptoms? Acting strange cannot possibly be one of the criteria.

The turduckhen of spy gadgetry. For those who missed Q in Casino Royale.

I've been testing the Blockbuster Total Access program and sucks. I much prefer Netflix. Their website is better organized, it's easier to fill your queue and they have a better selection of movies. It took five days for BB to credit my account when I dropped off the movies in the store.

If you don't win, destroy the playing field seems to be the motto of the outgoing majority. With each passing day I find it harder to believe that we elected grownups since they act so much like preschoolers. Makes me wonder how many report cards included the phrase "doesn't play well with others".

I have written about this subject several times. We destroyed the quality of life for women in Iraq. Above and beyond the bombings, shootings, lack of electricity, etc. We turned the clock back to the dark ages for a generation of women that grew up just like American women. Now they get to live under the Iraqi Taliban. That's the US for you, improving lives all over the world. As long as you aren't female.

Of course he isn't above the law, he is the law. At least in his own mind and those who toady after him. How about we try to get the country back on track and if evidence appears (and you know it will) then we can worry about investigation and prosecution. But first we need to ensure the safety of our troops and our homeland. Just not by restrictive means.

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