Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Twitterings

What a load of bullcrap! This is why most people think that psychologists are not quite right in the head. He extrapolates, supposes and then admits to using anecdotal evidence. The sexes are equally dependent upon each other emotionally. I am constantly amazed by how men feel the same way that women do, they just don't talk about it as much. By definition the people that see psychologists are hurting in some way, that doesn't mean those examples can be extended to the rest of the population. Misogynistic crap from an unhappy man, not that he would admit it. He's the one trying to increase his social standing. Or maybe he wants to live in a country that forces its women into his fantasy lifestyle.

How can you conduct two wars and not budget for repair of equipment? Not only is the crew without a clue unwilling to take care of the country's veterans, now we see that they treat the physical equipment the same way. When did the military become an entitlement program? Why is it that smaller government always translates into tax cuts for the rich and reductions for everything except pork? You don't put the military on a short budget during war time, unless you don't care about being successful. Why does the crew without a clue hate America so much?

Passwords are important but how do you choose and remember them? I'm not telling mine but I do have a system and it doesn't involve personally identifiable information. I don't use the same password everywhere, I vary the difficulty depending on the site. I also don't write mine down, a good password is one that nobody knows. I make my reminder clues cryptic also.

I would love to have a Tivo (or any DVR) for Christmas and after that anything for my kitchen (major geek stuff) is a great idea. According to the Red Tape Chronicles gift cards aren't such a great idea, cash is better.

I love the session saver function of Firefox 2.0. I forgot what I was doing and started installing the Google Reader Notifier for Mac, doubletapped the wrong thing and opened like 30 window and slowed the Mac down so far tfhat only the cursor would move but I couldn't activate any windows. I restart the system, crank up FF and low and behold, there is my post. Thank goodness. I think I'll quit while I still can.

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