Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sunday Morning Musings

Until three weeks ago the most popular post I had written was the one about the guys who live with dolls. The silicone adult variety. Then I ranted about the Stop the catbox commercial. Well, that was worth a few thousand hits, not that they'll ever be back.

What cracks me up about this is that my status on Technorati has been like the proverbial stone as the links from the Anti Torture campaign age out. Meanwhile, my Truth Laid Bear ranking is currently at Flappy Bird status because of all the catbox traffic, but I should be a Slithering Reptile again when people get bored with the commercial and the traffic drops off. I really want to be an Adorable Little Rodent and someday I may get there, but since I don't visit the really big blogs anymore, I will never be a Marauding Marsupial.

Since I've been using Google Reader some people might think I'm no longer reading them, but I am. Carol has a great post from yesterday on why the rich should pay higher taxes. Brilliant! True, too.

If you think this is disrespectful, wait until Carter or Clinton dies. If clearing brush is more important to Bush than showing respect to a Republican President who privately disagreed with him about Iraq, I can hardly wait for the infantile reaction to a Democratic President's death. And justification. Absolutely shameful, but unfortunately in keeping with their prior behavior. Interesting how Bush could rush back to Washington to sign a hastily passed bill in an effort to "save" a brain dead woman. Priorities, priorities.

I had a friend who lived in Carlsbad. She called the police because her roommate's boyfriend was beating the girl up. She got him out of the house before the cops arrived. He waited on the street, spoke to the cops first and my friend was the one arrested. She gets very hyper under stress and the guy told them she was doing speed. The drug test came back negative but they had roughed her up a little and she spent the night in jail. Not a nice town, police wise.


  1. Traffic may come and traffic may go, but the quality remains the same. That's the important thing.

    Happy New Year Deb, may it be better than the last one!

  2. Thanks! It has to be a better year, I don't want to contemplate the alternativel