Friday, January 19, 2007

Crime And Punishment

In the news this morning it seems that those who don't understand the benefits of marijuana, are surprised that medicinal users would prefer a different method of delivery besides smoking and it isn't like they can get it in FDA approved pill form. And just like with any demand, a market will spring up to support it. A most interesting array of candies and sodas, he sounds so surprised. He has heard of Weeds, hasn't he? Mom thought the show was really good and can't wait for the second season on NetFlix.

Health care is a determining factor in survival from what would formerly have been deadly assault, which would cause the murder rate to decrease. Makes sense to me, especially since now that trauma centers are being closed, the death rate is increasing. Of course the increase could also be that as the economy tanks and those who have little are now fighting over less might have an impact on those statistics. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

As if more hot air will lower global warming.

Wow! I wonder who is going to play her in the movie? She is going to find it difficult to adjust to society, more stimulation than she is going to be comfortable with.

Meritorious and righteous. Right. Matthew Carrington was forced to drink all that water as part of a hazing ritual and what happened to him was still an accident. Nobody meant to kill him. Just as nobody meant to kill this grown woman who was willing to participate in a contest to win a game. Now people are talking about suing everything except the doorknob. This woman's death should not be used to enrich her family or the swarm of locusts lawyers that think this their ticket to fame and fortune. It was a stupid and tragic mistake. Why should these guys benefit anymore than the coal miner's families? Or have they been forgotten?

Same folic acid study, even more encouraging results. Mom and I are both getting at least 800 mcg per day.

If you have nannies raise your children, you never have to spank them. This is true. From birth to death and all parts of life in between, there must be a law to tell you how to behave. Smaller government my foot.

And the punishment is? Bob Ney, 30 months, what a joke.

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