Monday, January 08, 2007

Good Morning

Have you ever wondered about Zip Codes, like why does someone across the street have a completely different Zip? The business across the street from me had a Zip that was seventy numbers different from mine. The ZipScribble Map won't either, but it can put the Zip Code into a different perspective.

Hair, sometimes you have too much, sometimes not enough or it isn't in the right places. Why does some hair seem to grow back right after you trim it? Once you get past the first few paragraphs, it become a slightly more interesting read.

Discharged from the US Army was I, on this day in 1976. Lots of other stuff happened on that day in history, Stephen Hawking, Elvis and Bowie were born, my brother got married, Bush Sr, puked on the Prime Minister of Japan, President Johnson declared the war on poverty, AT&T supposedly broke up (1982, not that you can tell it now), and just last year Tom Delay stepped down as House Majority Leader.

Speaking of Michelle Forbes, we weren't but it's her birthday too, her storyline on 24 was never fully resolved. We last saw, or heard of, her being loaded into an ambulance after a rather substantial fall. People are talking about what a riproaring season that this one will be, I'll reserve judgment. It's up against Heroes this season
and I won't be able to watch both. I am going to have to download and pay for one series and have issues with which one.

NBC irritates me because you can only stream it for free (Mac discrimination!) if you have Windows and there is a part of me that objects to giving money to FOX. Even through iTunes. Decisions, decisions.

I have to admit, I've been Plutoed.


  1. The zip map is crazy!

    There is so much go on around here in such a short time I feel like I have been Plutoed!

  2. After...what...5 seasons of "24" from Netflix, I'm 24'd out. My plausibility gauge is shot. Jack is going to have to do without me in the audience from now on.