Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sort Of Science Saturday

Thank you for your contribution to the world Mr. Ando, many a college student is in your debt. You definitely helped in the war against low food security, formerly known as hunger. Rest in peace.

If your dog is overweight, then the owner needs some exercise. There is no excuse for a fat dog. Shai Shai got a little overweight at one time, I restricted her food (I can do that, I'm bigger than her and have opposable thumbs) and took her out more. The end result? Both of us lost weight, I spent time with my best friend, reduced my stress and had a happier dog with great puppy dreams. No diet pills required.

When they figure out a way to involuntarily sterilize the rest of the world, then maybe I'll worry about people who are so desperate to have a designer baby as a status symbol. It isn't because they want to raise a child and give it a healthy start in the world, otherwise orphanages would be empty. Some people are certainly trying to usurp the created in in his own image creed.

While I admit that 24 is on my mind increasingly frequently, I wouldn't go so far to call it an uberseries like Stephen King does. I've watched the YouTube videos and must say that I still don't like Chloe's ex. I wonder what the body count will be this season? I haven't checked in at the Forum, I'll be doing that later today.

I don't want new details about the Haditha incident. The old ones were bad enough. The troops are under great strain but nothing justifies this type of behavior or covering it up afterward. We can't keep sending the same battle weary troops back into a war zone with no discernible end in sight. Not if we want them to have some semblance of humanity when this debacle is over.

Maybe my nephew (Purdue, studying genetics) will be one of the ones who helps to reveal all. Genetics has always fascinated me because ever since I first heard of Mendel and his theory, I've watched it at work in my family. I didn't have any children but their should have been one blue eyed child among the four boys. Oh well, they should show up in the next generation.

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