Sunday, January 28, 2007

Makes You Wonder

Have you taken the Sex I.D. test? I didn't have a ruler, so it took me a few weeks to finish. Just like in high school, I scored higher on some of the so-called male portions of the test than the average male. Angles, systematizing and 3D shapes were higher and I was average on the others. Some slight support for my Asperger's theory.

Have I mentioned that I'm a Junior Poobah? I'm honored, to say the least.

Did you know that your dog can be right or left pawed? They said handed, but my dog doesn't have hands. Does yours?

When I saw Lorenzo's Oil, I recognized it for the emotional manipulation that it was. While I understand the desperation of wanting to keep a loved one alive (23 years with severe neurological damage!), people like Hugh Moser take the long view and try to help a larger section of society. It takes much longer than anyone wants to wait, but you can't rush science. Chinese medicine has the benefit of thousands of years of history, but the scientific method is important when administering concentrated doses of anything. Vioxx and Fen-Phen spring to mind.

Speaking of the long view, how about changing the American diet to include rapeseed oil?

Interesting timing on this article from Newsweek. This is the week of the space program fatalities and now it seems that for all that expensive effort, we are losing the space race. The shuttle design was a stupid idea from the start and thirty years of history has shown that. While we rested on our laurels, the rest of the world decided to keep going into the future. We could play catch-up but we are mired in Iraq.

By way of The Sideshow, I found this great link showing what 200 calories on a plate looks like. You don't even get a whole donut, there's a slice missing.

Yup, we made it better for the Iraqis. I can't believe she actually wrote
A neighborhood that used to be Baghdad’s Upper East Side has the dilapidated, broken feel of a city just hit by a hurricane.
Makes you want to move there, doesn't it? Or you could just stay in the continental U.S. and go to New Orleans. Makes you wonder what else the crew without a clue will destroy before they are out of power.

Except I really don't want to find out.

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  1. Just remember that the Decider-in-Chief decided to launch a race to Mars last year. He just preoccupied with a few other small tasks right now.

    Great post and that's why you're a Jr. Poobah:-)