Sunday, January 28, 2007

Say It Isn't So

IMG_5019.JPG, originally uploaded by sarahruthjackson.

After you learn your letters, then they teach you to count and the next thing you know, you're following some illegal order in a foreign country with no armor, bullets or useful intelligence, but that doesn't stop a group of morons back home that keep insisting things are going well. Then, if you survive the first tour, they send you back over and over again.

Don't you just want to grow up?

Random Flickr Blogging strikes again.


  1. Those kids. They really know how to tell it straight.

  2. No, little ones, there is no Santa, but there is a Dubya.

    Cue therapy for the next forty years. :)

  3. Be careful, Debra! Your caption sounds suspiciously like what the wingnuts slammed Kerry for back in October.

    (Much funnier, though!)