Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Plan Or Debacle?

Iraq. The war the just keeps on giving. Ignominious death for the troops and indecision and posturing for the politicians. What a crock! Crafting an Iraq plan? What is this, the better late than never administration? Life is what happens while you are making plans, something these guys just don't get. Iraq is not a static situation. While the crew without a clue tries to concoct a plan that people were fired for suggesting four years ago, the forces in Iraq are readjusting their tactics also.

Given the track record of the crew without a clue and the accomplishments of all those pesky brown people with beards, this cannot end well. Overwhelming force and obliteration are the eventual result against heart and ingenuity. Don't worry about the collateral damage, they were just the heart of the country. The people. Who cares what they want?

Too expensive? As opposed to what, the Iraq war? The loss of almost three thousand Americans at one moment in time wasn't expensive? With as many people as we have out of work and with the threat of another attack definitely increasing due to our own hubris, why can't we use people to search the cargo areas? What else does anyone plan on doing? Nothing is not a solution to we don't want to spend the money on prevention, we only want to spend it on blowing up other countries, not saving our own. Almost twenty years after Lockerbie and we still don't have a working system, much less a plan. Nice to know that protecting the citizens is known as a marginal benefit and not worth the price. Business is much more important than human life, isn't it?

This isn't about Democrats and Republicans. It isn't about the power of the White House, it isn't about the cost, goodness knows we waste enough taxpayer's money on projects that provide no return, it is about the protection of America and her citizens, which just so happens to be what most people expect their government to do for them with the tax money they are forced to remit. It's amazing how we expect 100% accuracy in bug spray but to use those same requirements to protect taxpayers is too much to ask.

And having pig races isn't going to prevent Muslims from living in the area but it will increase the chances of you looking stupid.

Two seater cars have always been a favorite of mine. I used to have a 1987 Honda CRX, the HF version. It zipped, parked almost anywhere and the gas mileage rocked. I kept track of every tank of gas and over the lifetime that I had the car (around 250K miles) it averaged approximately 44 mpg, with a high of 51 and low of 37. I replaced it with a newer Honda which only gets about 35 mpg. I only owe 700 more dollars and then it's mine. Hope I make it.

Even without the steel cage and lack of airbags, I still felt safe. I'm a careful driver, which limits the types of accidents I'm likely to be involved in, and for the ones I can't anticipate, how big the car is, is not like to be the deciding factor in survival. The Smart Car has all the safety features, the ability to zip out of the way and park in the city sideways if needed. The gas mileage needs to be improved.

What are the odds that two first time black mayors who lived within 150 miles of each other would be shot at in a two week period? They won't be able to rule this shooting a suicide, but the first one was really suspicious. Welcome to America, circa 1920.


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