Wednesday, January 10, 2007

America's Enemies

Are located within its borders and wear the cloak of authority with the hood of arrogance, the gloves of money and power and the jackboots of racism and hatred. All to protect us, of course.

I have been an isolationist for most of my life. Not in the way that we should close our borders and treat everyone that wants to come to this country as a criminal and not worthy unless they have melanin impaired skin, but that we should take care of the problems of our own citizens before we impose our will and wisdom on the world.

The front in the global war on terror is the United States. We attract it (September 11, as we will hear many times tonight), dispense it (Haditha, Abeer Hamza), and condone it (killing Palestinians in their homes or on the beach is ok by us). Never, never do we take responsibility for our contributions to the instability of the world and we still have the hubris to believe that the rest of the world is wrong. Every time and every instance.

Not only do we not take responsibility for our actions as a country, we have a leader who feels that he is above the people (who elected him), Congress (according to the Constitution an equal part of the triad government we used to have), the Constitution (just an old piece of paper) and we won't even get into world opinion. The buck will never stop at the current White House, unless it is to collect interest on its way to a campaign donor or major corporation.

Supposedly the President is in my camp. I don't really believe that anymore than I believe that we are camping. He can sex up his intelligence all he wants, but it won't change the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with September 11. Saddam Hussein is dead (and that will come back to haunt us), the Iraqi army is standing up, at least until they get shot at, there are no weapons of mass destruction, and the administration has changed Generals more times than Darth Vader, so why are we still in Iraq?

There is no graceful way out of this debacle and there never will be. We can continue to throw good money after bad, increase the body count for both us and the Iraqis by sending in more troops that won't help the situation and we are still going to have to bring the troops home eventually. Like most of America I would prefer that it was sooner rather than later because we can't fix what we broke and we are only making it worse.

The administration doesn't understand the situation in the Middle East and never will because they all look alike and it's the religion that is different. They are used to America where the religion is relatively consistent but the people don't look similar at all, you can tell the ones who are going to cause trouble because they have different colored skin, or so the theory goes.

The only advantage I can see in having the troops in Iraq is that it prevents dear Leader from using them against the people of the United States.

So far.



  1. As much as I don't want to watch Our Dear Leader tonight, I probably will. Dammit.


  2. I'm not watching, why would I? He isn't going to say anything new and if he does they will repeat it ad nauseum

    We have become a joke, and it isn't funny.

  3. I hate this administration.

    That is all.

  4. I can't say that I'm really fond of the crew without a clue. Either.

  5. Li'l Ricky Santorum has a new think tank job, heading a program called "America's Enemies." It would be nice if he'd use it to track the Cheney cabal, but I doubt it.

  6. That was how I cam up with the name for the title. They consider everyone but them as an enemy of the state.

    That is some kool-aid.