Friday, January 26, 2007

Questions, Questions

When I see stories like this, I wonder "what's wrong with sleep?" It might be difficult for the first few days until the caffeine works it's way out of your system, but then you should be rested and not need so much caffeine to get through the day. Caffeinated donuts. What will they think of next? And why?

The third most popular solution to reducing one's expenses is ...nothing. Even I'm not that bad.

If the nurses quit, who will provide the service? Why not ask the doctors to give up a day's pay or go on leave for six months? Why is it that when the paper pushers mess up, the people who do the real work are expected to bite the bullet and fix the situation?

Being President adds to the life span, so why wouldn't achieving a Nobel prize or Oscar, both of which involve recognition, have the same effect? Only four women in fifty years? I'll bet one of them was Marie Curie, a two time Nobel winner.

As I've asked before, and his planet is? He's "decided" to preclude failure in Iraq, well that should help. I decided I wanted to be be 5'9 and blond. We both have about the same chance of success.


  1. Caffeinated donuts. What will they think of next? And why?

    You a lover of both donuts and coffee, at first I thought omg...OMG! What a fabulous idea. Then I reflected for a moment...


  2. Hey, it could happen. There are elevator shoes and hair dye. You could be 5'9' and blond if you want.

    Shrubby got to be President so I think turnabout is fair play.