Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nothing Special

Went for help, oh yeah, I believe that one. Four grown men left an injured man and his 65 year old wife, so they could go get help.
About a quarter-mile away, they came upon an inmate work crew with the California Department of Forestry. The four men went for help. The California Department of Forestry dispatched an ambulance from Arcata, which took the couple to the hospital.
A good sense of humor covers a multitude of sins.
It's also illegal. Open Space District Ordinance Section 412 states: ``No person shall expose any part of the pubic or anal region or genitalia while on District Lands in Public View.'' If they catch him, rangers have to identify him -- a tricky proposition, given that he has no pockets to hold a driver's license. Suspects who don't have IDs are asked for their name and address, which is then verified by phone against driver's license records at the dispatch center, Baillie said.
Splish, splash. Just not on the wall or the floor.
Indeed, there is still a certain amount of squeamishness about home urinals, particularly among women, so marketers are focusing on designer style and claims about cleanliness in an effort to overcome negative associations. Kohler U.S.A., for instance, says that its “human factors group” — a team that studies, among other things, how people urinate — has found the best urinal shape for keeping the bathroom clean. A result is Kohler’s funnel-shaped Steward series, introduced last April.

“When you go at a flat wall there’s lots of splash,” said Shane Judd, product manager of Kohler’s fixtures group, whose job it is to know these kinds of things. “The conical shape eliminates splash.”
I'll just have to take your word for it.

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