Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stating The Obvious

Must someone really state the obvious? I'm pretty sure that Saddam was more disturbed at starring in the video than Bush was viewing it. What did Bush think was going to happen? Puhleeze. Karla Faye Tucker anyone?

Need a little comfort food and tired of the usual? I love pho. It is mom's favorite soup and she is always ready to go have a bowl. I think I'll try making it at home. I like mine spicy and I omit the hoisin sauce.

A little perspective is in order here. I can't decide what disturbs me the most about this story. The members of the wedding party who think it is more important to attend a football game rather than honor the promise they made to support the couple as they embark on their official life together, should be ashamed of themselves. If the Saints lose (which I hope they don't) they are going to feel really stupid about missing the wedding. No wonder the South has such a high divorce rate, no respect. Unless two people of the the same sex want to get married, that seems to get people to blather on about respect for the institution of marriage.

Having your jaw wired shut and two titanium plates in your head is not the result of an "altercation", that is more like the results of a hate crime. How did this story not make the national news? An attack on Yale University's a cappella choir should have made some kind of waves.

If 61% of Americans don't think much of the latest plan for victory in Iraq, what makes the administration think (?) that 92,000 more troops are going to magically appear and that nobody is going to leave the service? How about equipment? We can't take care of the troops we have but we are sending them into harms way anyway. Great foresight and planning, as is usual from the crew without a clue.

Isn't it nice to know that after the November elections, the Iraq Study Group report and former military generals advice, that the Decider has decided to disregard all advice and go his own way? Interesting how after the 2004 election he babbled on and on about having a mandate because the people had spoken and now the people's wishes don't mean any more than the toilet tissue hanging next to the presidential toilet. Obviously.

I'm listening to some idiot caller on the radio who is maintaining that we didn't destroy Iraq, that we removed a dictator and eliminated rape rooms. Whoop-de-f**king-doo. Since when is that worth over 3000 American lives, over 600,000 Iraqi lives, untold numbers of life debilitating injuries and billions of dollars that should be spent here at home? Adding more stressed and overworked troops to a shooting gallery situation is foolhardy at best and treasonous at worst. And we are going to rebuild the Iraqi infrastructure? That promise isn't worth the paper it's printed on, ask the people of New Orleans. Remember them? Devastated by Katrina and incompetence with our own version of ethnic cleansing. Yup, things are sure looking up.

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  1. Bush is always disturbed. ;-)

    Pho - I will need to try that!

    I kept thinking along the same lines when I read about the wedding. Football is just a stupid game people!

    No one was arrested in the altercation. But the perpetrators called the singers homosexuals etc.

    Bush Jr and the administration have over shadowed his dad’s administration in incompetence ten fold.

    George is an idiot and he is disturbed

    Well it looks like we need to be at war with half of the world according to the idiot caller