Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Stupid Alert

Not once in this article did they bring up the subject of food. Now, you would think it would be pretty important if your grand plan to counteract a pandemic is effective social distancing and washing your hands. for three months. Food has to be grown, harvested, prepped, transported, stocked and shopped before it is consumed. Or is the National Guard going to make deliveries? From Iraq?

If you are going to write an article about the hardships that people are going to suffer in order to survive, you should use a better example than; the schools are going to be closed and you won't be able to go into the office. Either show more examples or use a good one and show the effects of three months of isolation and the ripple effect. Try reporting and not fear mongering. Please.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have retaken an Afghani town. Next thing you know, we'll be hearing from that Osama been forgotten guy again. Let's hope it's just a video.

For many years people have referred to me as "intelligent" with a note of surprise in their voice. We'll be having a normal conversation and oops, there it is. Not only do they sound surprised, but they are also very patronizing. I can almost feel the pat on the head. Then they go right back to treating me like I'm an idiot and won't catch on. Extremely irritating.

The Biden flap over the use of the word clean doesn't bother me at all, like Eugene Robinson, I quit listening at articulate. Yes, he is capable of stringing more than three words together without grabbing his crotch, how nice of you to say so. So far he sounds like he has a better grasp of the English language than Biden. Pretty good. For a black man.

Some people might think that this is a poor choice to follow a rant on racism, but did you know you can unlock a car using a tennis ball?

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