Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If 6 Was 9

Is one of the few Jimi Hendrix songs that I listen to. Just the beginning and then I get bored. I was looking up the lyrics this morning (forty years later and still bitingly accurate) and found another link for my blogroll. Good stuff.

Then I tripped over this article on LSD. Did you know that the CIA tried to slip it to Castro before a speech? Or that Albert Hoffman, the biochemist who discovered it, is still alive at the grand old age of 100?

Considering the paranoia of the administration, I don't know how long this link from the Army Times remains viable. It seems that all those changes at Walter Reed are going to be for the purpose of preventing any further word to get out. Daily inspections. In a medical setting? Absolutely stinking BS. 120 permanent duty troops to "take control". What, are the amputees and brain injured patients having too good a time enjoying their new found freedom from wholeness? These aren't improvements, they're damage control and future leak prevention. Those troops are probably from Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo.

The world really is turned upside down.

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