Monday, February 26, 2007

Quiet Monday

Blogs, blogs, they're everywhere and they have the same things in common. The right wing is concerned with the same things everywhere. Illegal immigration, gun control and nationalism. I wonder what the translation of some of their blog titles would be? I'm not funny enough to come up with equivalents of lgf or Instapundit.

25 reasons to smoke pot, with documentation. Some are repetitive and number 24 isn't valid. If all your friends (no matter how famous) jump off a cliff, are you going to jump too? Numbers 9, 10,16, and 17 are pretty good, it would have to be some mind blowing stuff to make number 20 true.

Hello! I didn't watch the Oscars last night but I heard about the commercial. I'm pretty sure I recognize almost all the people and can identify most of the movies. I wonder if Deb Lipp is going to have a contest?

No money, no doctor, no problem. Until it's too late.

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