Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bombs, Boredom And BS

Lots of bombs going off, mostly killing innocent children and US troops in Iraq and missing their intended target in Afghanistan. That's all I'm going to say about that, not particularly interested in going to jail, but somebody let the secret out. Somebody with authority and it wasn't in the press pool that was sworn to secrecy. The Taliban have more spies to help them than we have to help us. Not that the crew without a clue could have predicted that.

Before the internet, there were books. Thank goodness, because I was pretty bored for most of my life. Since being connected to the internet eleven years ago, I haven't been, way too much information to find and enjoy. I can't say that I'm much of a risk taker, substance abuser or have a short attention span and focus might as well be my middle name. The iPod makes any repetitive activity endurable, including reading long reports or doing taxes. I always found doing taxes to be soothing (the process, not the result) and rooting around in my template code and fiddling with stuff just fascinates me. No one would call me creative (unless I'm cooking), but I love to tweak things. If none of these things are available, the boredom is so intense that it is almost unbearable. Plus, I stopped a car with my head when I was three. Why don't I fit the profile?

For many years, television was completely unwatchable, so I didn't have one which made watching Babylon 5 very difficult. Then the tv collected dust for many years. Along came 24 which was different as were the brilliant first seasons of Lost and Desperate Housewives. Now there's Heroes, which rocked, absolutely rocked, last night. The artful use of George Takei is greatly appreciated and expanded the storyline by leaps and bounds. Where did they find the little kid who looked like Masi Oka shrunk down to five year old size? Like I've always said, no matter how well you think you've hidden a secret, it will always reveal itself. At the most inopportune moment in time which will cause the most damage. Walking out of an exploding radioactive building and healing in front of a crowd is a big reveal. Big. And we all know her biological father would be totally incapable of taking a bullet to protect his Claire bear.

Nathan probably went to college between 1982 and 2006, because he's definitely the most narcissistic character on the show and his NPI score would probably be at the top. Not a good trait in a hero and definitely not a good trait for the youth of today who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

My best to Steve, I hate it when western medicine can't be honest. This isn't an episode of House (can't stand the show and I love Hugh Laurie), it's his life. Open heart surgery, again. Good luck.

He should have titled the article "Why I hate myself" not "Why I hate blacks". This guy has serious emotional problems and needs intervention. It's nice to know that I automatically hate Asians on sight. Now, exactly why do I eat a majority of Asian food and have a degree in Chinese Medicine? Very few blacks hate Asians without cause, but if you keep up that behavior you will make your wish come true.

Update: A late addition to the BS portion of the post. Every day that goes by, it becomes more obvious that this administration has no respect for women. Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen is their ultimate goal. Health care for women is not a priority, neither is funding research. Wonder what would happen if women only had girl babies from this point on, would they research then? These people are so stupid that if women were the only ones capable of surviving a new disease, they would autopsy every one of us until they figured out how to protect themselves.

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  1. Yeah, Big Dick was quite the wartime hero. Headed straight for the bunker and never looked back. They probably had to drag him screaming and kicking from under the king size bed in his bombproof "undisclosed location".