Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rainy Saturday Morning

Not really, it's more of a drizzle. Just enough to make everyone drive really stupidly. As if physics doesn't apply to them.

Geek alert! Do you want something unusual for that special honey in your life but can't find anything that expresses your personality? How about the Binary wedding ring? You can personalize it with a message that very few people will understand. Isn't that special?

Ooh, ooh, another on the long list of people I'm probably not going to vote for in 2008. If these guys wore hats, the ring would be full and not everyone has added their bonnet.

Mark over at Biomes sent me on pet adventure this morning. I learned more than I wanted to know about what went into my dog's food. Oh well, she isn't fond of the skin formula she's on now.

I would appreciate it if Putin could differentiate Bush and his actions from the average US citizen, just as I separate Putin's actions from Russian citizens. We've made it perfectly clear that we want to go in a different direction and Bush has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't care what the citizens want. If blame were to be placed where it belongs, we might reach a peaceful solution a little sooner. In a perfect world.

I hope so.

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