Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random Thougts

I'm watching 60 Minutes, the Obama story, and I think to myself "if you are going to admit to inhaling, you might as well say that you enjoyed it". It really is the only acceptable explanation for the second time, or the third. Because you were lost and didn't know who you were is ...weak. And the first absolutely non-truthful thing he said.

The Grammys. Wow, it turned into a concert show. Lots of entertainment, very few speeches. Maybe next year the audience can choose which awards they want to see. It would be nice if the West Coast mattered. Geez, we even get left out of voting for an award that was awarded earlier than the show aired. Did that make sense to anybody outside of the West Coast? They don't trust us with elections or who gets to sing with Justin. Heh, heh.

This is really starting to, shall I be blunt, piss me the eff off. We have been at war for four years and we STILL don't have enough armor for the Humvees? Wasn't there enough money to be made by protecting the troops? What the heck are we surging with? Our imagination? That won't save our troops as an explosive device rips through their vehicle, ending life after wasted life. Why are we still having this conversation? If this had happened during World War II, we would sprechen sie Deutsche.

Less than half of the up-armored Humvees have the proper equipment and are "planning" to get it in the next six months. If we started bringing the troops home now, we wouldn't need to spend all that money to ship the armor to Iraq. As if supporting the troops has ever been the point. Or the goal.

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