Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Slipping The Bonds Of Reality

I'm surprised he didn't say what a national tragedy it was that Anna Nicole Smith was still dead. Every time he opens his mouth, Bush continues to show his continuing disconnect from reality, while thinking that everything will get better because he made a decision. If everybody else would just understand, if they would just try harder, if they would offer more support. If, if, if. If my aunt had balls, she would be my uncle. If I had an aunt.

He and members of his administration have heard voices.
I've listened to a lot of voices; people in my administration heard a lot of voices.
Really? Too bad it wasn't the American people's voice. Remember them? Support the troops sounds so good, but what have you actually done besides "make a decision"? They don't have the armor or the vehicles, they have had to fight the same battles over and over again, and now you have proposed to cut the benefits for them when they get out. War takes a heavy toll on the individual who is actually in the trenches, not the one that gets to sleep in the beautiful White House. Surrounded by guards and living in luxury that the average American will never know.
Q Do you believe it's a civil war, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I can only tell you what people on the ground, whose judgment -- it's hard for me, living in this beautiful White House, to give you an assessment, firsthand assessment. I haven't been there; you have, I haven't. But I do talk to people who are and people whose judgment I trust, and they would not qualify it as that. There are others who think it is. It is, however, a dangerous situation, thereby requiring action on my part.

Listen, I considered several options -- one, doing nothing, and that if you don't believe the situation was acceptable, then you should do something. And I didn't believe the situation was acceptable. Secondly, I could have listened to the advice of some and pulled back and hoped for the best. I felt that would be extraordinarily dangerous for this young democracy, that the violence in Baghdad could escalate mightily and then spill out across the country, creating chaos, vacuums into which extremism would flow; or make the decision I made, which is to reinforce the troops that were on the ground, to help this Iraqi government and security force do what they're supposed to do.
The people being isolated by their government's actions, are Americans. My father served this country for over twenty years and my mother supported him every step of the way.
Q As you know, a growing number of troops are on their second, third or fourth tour in Iraq. There have been a growing number of reports about declining morale among fighting men. I spoke personally to an infantry commander -- tough guy, patriot -- who says more and more of the troops are asking, questioning what they're doing here. Does this come as a surprise to you? Are you aware of this? Is it a minority opinion, is it a growing opinion, and does it concern you?

THE PRESIDENT: I am -- what I hear from commanders is that the place where there is concern is with the family members; that our troops, who have volunteered to serve the country, are willing to go into combat multiple times, but that the concern is with the people on the home front. And I can understand that. And I -- and that's one reason I go out of my way to constantly thank the family members. You know, I'm asking -- you're obviously talking to certain people, or a person. I'm talking to our commanders. Their job is to tell me what -- the situation on the ground. And I have -- I know there's concern about the home front. I haven't heard deep concern about the morale of the troops in Iraq.
I grew up with my father on isolated tours of duty, I know what these family members are feeling. Shame on you Mr. President for belittling their agony and their contribution. How dare you? Perhaps they are tired of having their loved ones come home in a box. Or wheelchair.

You can have your press conferences, you can pretend that you believe another country poses a threat to us, you can act like you think you are correct in all circumstances even when there is evidence to the contrary, but you don't act like a person with a grip on reality or one with a sense of accountability. You think you're funny, when you're not. You think you're capable, when you're not. You think you have made a decision the whole world will abide by, just because you made it. You decided it would be all better in Iraq because you decided it.

Well, I've decided that you are unfit to lead this country anywhere except to hell in a handbasket. At the rate you're going, we should arrive there soon. In pieces and wondering what the heck happened. Probably find you in a corner, cackling maniacally.

Do the American people a favor and decide to get professional psychological help. It's pretty bad when a whack job from across the globe can tell you have serious emotional problems.


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