Monday, February 19, 2007

Supporting The Troops, Continued

Yesterday's post on the Walter Reed debacle was quite well received, it got linked to by The Moderate Voice, Memeorandum and this morning has included many visitors from Pajamas Media. Thank you.

The general response has been to place blame. That wasn't the intent when I wrote it, and it isn't my intent now. I have been most aware of the deterioration of the medical corps within the military since I have been involved with it from the day I was born until mom's last surgery on base in 1993. I remember what it was like when I was active duty and how little resemblance there is too that level of care nowadays.

The military had been downsizing its medical care since the 1980s and was totally unprepared to go to war, much less two wars. Simultaneously. Long term care is not what they are set up for, but due to the nature of the injuries, they have been forced to try and provide that care. Obviously they have been failing. Miserably.

This is one of those problems that will never be solved by placing blame, the only way it will be solved is if enough people demand change, some sort of accountability. It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative or a purple haired people eater, it is past time for the citizens of this country to get off their couches and demand that their representatives do something constructive instead of passing, or not passing, nonbinding resolutions (How many do we need? It's all they've done for 6 years.) or running for office. Do the job they were elected to do instead of the one they have their eye on.

The troops deserve better and they just aren't getting it. From being sent in without a plan, without appropriate armor, without properly protected vehicles, to coming home to with debilitating physical and mental injuries to little or no support reintegrating into society, the veterans of the last six years are paying the price. And what an ugly little price it is.

Yes, I want the budget balanced. I just don't want it balanced on the backs of the only people who have been asked to sacrifice. Neither should you.

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