Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boom! Boom! Sunday

Sixty dead at a Baghdad market, at least four dead in a spree across Thailand, several injured at a McDonald's in Russia, and that was in the first seven headlines on the Reader. Wow! The level of violence on Sunday is phenomenal. Gung hay fat choy, indeed.

And the toll continues. To increase. Why didn't we take care of the problem the first time? Did we want to give them time to learn and plan? If so, we did a very good job.

Yes, the press conferences are predictable. Why should the President study? When you think you know the answers, the questions don't really matter. 42 looks good to me. And probably a lot closer to reality than the questions the President stumbled over. You know why you study? So you don't look like a bumbling idiot at test time. I guess it isn't really important when you're the Decider. Heh, heh.

Condieliesalot. Gets caught a lot. And keeps on trucking.

Five tips for performing good deeds. I like number five, everyone could use more friends.

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  1. That damn Condi! She's as persistent as a suicide bomber...or as she likes to call them, homicide bombers.