Thursday, February 15, 2007

This N' That Thursday

Gee, why didn't I think of that? Limpballs once again displays his ignorance and suggest that if Obama doesn't like being black, he should just decide to be white. He's biracial, whats the problem? Well, he's just as black as I am. And just as white, but society doesn't see it that way.

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked what my nationality is by people who have just made my acquaintance. I say American and watch them twitch. Then they say, "No, you know what I mean. Where are your parents from? You look Oriental (which is also racist and should be Asian) or exotic." I love that one. Exotic. If I'm waiting for service in a good restaurant, I'm waiting a long time. Just a few months ago I waited for twenty minutes in a somewhat empty restaurant before I gave up and left. Why should I give them my money?

You can't just decide to be white and be treated that way. It's much easier to be white and pretend to be black than it is to reverse the process. Our society seems to work on visual cues, with blond hair and blue eyes being the preferred norm, which probably explains the Eminem worship. It's still not music to me.

Joe Rogan vs. Carlos (Ned) Mencia
. Very informative and I agree with Joe. I used to work for the VP of comedy development at Universal and she had a lot of friends in the business. I was doing my riff one day on men, and had a somewhat famous female comedian cracking up. Imagine my surprise when almost my whole five minute routine appeared in a movie and her stand up act. Stealing is stealing, it doesn't matter if it's money, music or jokes. You should give others their due.

So, we're surging in Afghanistan. Not really, just extending the tour of duty for the troops already over there. Then we're going to send fresh troops (?) to relieve them and make sure tha Taliban don't return. No mention of that pesky Osama guy.

We're still throwing good money after bad, billions of dollars worth, and it could get worse. The next time a house burns down because the nearest firehouse was closed for budget cuts, the next time your state has a national emergency and no Guard or equipment to help with the situation, the next time we are attacked on our home soil because something was shipped in, remember that the crew without a clue aren't suffering. They have private security in neighborhoods that have the best equipment, enough money to keep them warm and getaway homes that aren't in the States.

It's hard to sell a house when nobody around you has a job.

I hate traffic and last night I got stuck on the flyover from the 280 to the 87. For twenty minutes. What a stupid design. Then I read this story, and it's cold there.

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