Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Morning Wanderings

But I don't want to play video games. On the other hand, my eyesight isn't getting any better and the idea of rewiring my brain is attractive and I liked Sudoku after I tried it, maybe I'll find a copy of Halo or some other game that requires my eyeballs to focus in different directions in a hurry.

Who watches the watchers? Neighborhoods would be safer if people knew their neighbors, crime would probably go down if people had decent paying jobs and the opportunity to improve their lives and a well placed electrical blackout wouldn't disable the whole surveillance system. Don't these guys watch movies? No matter how smart people think their security is, someone always finds a way around it that wasn't anticipated. Automating sounds good but is subject to manipulation, something like a video, photoshopped in to the feed. Just a matter of time.

You may walk like an Egyptian in New York, but someone doesn't want you to listen to it while walking through a crosswalk. A proposed $100 fine for using your mobile phone or Ipod in a crosswalk. What's next, monitoring which way one loads the toilet paper roll?

Another helicopter is down in Baghdad. Doesn't it seem like the longer we are in Iraq, the more the insurgents learn about warfare?

A patent has been submitted for an iris scanner that can scan you without your knowledge. Or permission. Somehow, given the current mentality of this country, I don't think it is going to be used for targeted advertising. Targeted harassment, definitely.

I lost the diamond out of my ring. I was driving and saw a dark empty space where it used to be. This ring originally belonged to my grandmother as her wedding ring and to my mother as a promise ring from my dad. I can't tell you how bummed I am. It wasn't big, but it meant quite a bit to me. Very depressed.

O'Lielly is scared to say anything because he might offend black people? Since when? And Mr. Beck, you don't have a lot of African American friends for several reasons, none of which have to do with you worrying about saying the wrong thing. I can't walk down the street without a cloud of suspicion and an extremely increased chance of being stopped by the police because of my permanent tan and you worry about what a nightmare it would be if you said something offensive? You guys get more disconnected from reality every day. What a long strange trip it's been, I doubt you will ever find your way back to reality.

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