Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wherever You Go

There we are. The NBC Nightly News sign-off or famous line from a cult classic?

A plan to fail from those who failed to plan. Everybody except the crew without a clue knows that the "surge" will only bring an increase in death and destruction, mostly of our troops, with the Iraqis thrown in as collateral damage.

Now is the time to finally defeat the Taliban. No, it isn't. That time should have been five years ago, before we were hoodwinked into invading a country that had nothing to do September 11, so the real culprits could continue to recover and regroup. Better late than never is not an effective military strategy. The offensive should be our offensive. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Now we're worried about creating martyrs. Cheez 'n rice! And we're worried about the appearance of interference in the Iraqi legal system? The Bush administration doesn't want someone hanged. I would be impressed except for the fact that they seem to have no problem with executing Americans on flimsier evidence.

Helicopters seem to be falling out of the sky with increasing frequency in our effort to bring democracy to Iraq. It was just a matter of time before they had the equipment and decided to use it. Another unforeseen circumstance, which is what happens when you make yourself a target and treat everybody like they are a bunch of savages.

I got caught up on 24 last night. Those Bauer genes are powerful. It seems to be a family trait to be able to withstand torture and to kill without remorse. Hard as it seems to believe, Jack is the most compassionate member of the family. Before this season, nobody would have thought that. Did Kim still live in Valencia? Her cousin looks a lot like her. Does anybody realize that Magic Mountain is no more? And the oranges!

As I've stated many times, find a different job if your religious beliefs prevent you from providing appropriate health care to your patients. One of the biggest problems with medicine could be solved if it was practiced for the benefit of helping people, not the practitioner's wallet.

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