Thursday, February 08, 2007

This N' That Thursday

I have the ForecastFox extension that sits in my FireFox toolbar and shows me the upcoming weather for the next few days. For the last two days, the graphics has shown rain as imminent. As in any minute. WeatherDock (Mac only)? The same. The newspapers, radio and television have encouraged this attitude. Reality so far? Just misting around. Why weather is a top story when nothing has happened, is beyond me. Why weatherpersons get paid for being wrong more often than Baghdad Bob, really makes me wonder.

There are always different points of view. Human, Vulcan and now, Klingon.

The Big Bang revisited. On our planet? Why? Have they considered that there may be effects tht they can't control? The results might be bigger than anticipated. Besides, I thought there was another explanation for the beginning of the Universe. Something about "let there be light", I believe.

Brain fitness. I play Sudoku on the web and I got the game for the iPod. It's fun. I don't know about the other games, learning something new sounds like the most fun.

The HooHah Monologues. Give me a break. This nation is nuttier than a fruitcake. I loved the comment about titty cancer.

Indiana Jones and the Quest For Profit will be opening May 22, 2008. I'm going to miss Denholm Elliott. I wonder if John Rhys-Davies will make a reappearance?

I'm not all that happy to be considered a senior netizen. I thought fifty was the new thirty. Like I want to go through that crap again.

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