Thursday, March 08, 2007

Affirm This

Sigh. How can so many people be so clueless? Actually it's more like being deliberately cruel and obtuse. Forty years of affirmative action and they feel the need to outsource racial diversity at the university level? Twenty five percent of black students are immigrants. Great, just great. Maybe if people hadn't been in such a hurry to dismantle the public education system while enjoying their tax breaks and concentrating the wealth in upper class suburban neighborhoods, blacks from outside the country wouldn't be considered "more polite, less hostile and more solicitous".

Aah, it becomes clear. Having recent interactions with gentlemen from Kenya and Sierra Leone, I can say that the reason they are more polite is because they have real news outside of the US and these men are more than aware that they can be shot at any time. No questions asked. Until later.

Less hostile? That's easy. If people haven't been suspicious of every move you made all your life, it's easy to be less hostile. If you grew up in a world where people didn't cross to the other side of the street, hold their purse tighter or follow you around in a store, you are much less likely to feel like you are being judged with every breath you take.

Solicitous. Probably on a par with other students from outside the US.

If we spent more time and money on the elementary school system, the college problems would take care of themselves. Knowing the basics enables you to learn the more complicated stuff. Teaching rote memorization does not develop critical thinking but it does keep the class quiet. We have a looming crisis in this country and it won't be noticed until it's too late. Just like the outsourcing of valuable middle class jobs, this is another way to keep the populace under control.

So, I guess Obama is black, at least according to the racial diversity requirements for college.


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