Thursday, March 08, 2007

This N' That Thursday

Cowardice would be the term. Also, illegal and immoral. Using children as human shields. How manly. World support is slipping away because the Israelis do not have the moral high ground, as they show time and time again.

Different year, different tune
, at least for the cameras. Of course the credit card companies are gouging the consumer. Why not, everyone else is doing it and Congress made it difficult for people on the unlucky end of the spectrum to ever work their way out of debt. Credit card companies keep sending me offers, and I don't even qualify for cable at this point. It's a racket that's designed to keep the little guy on the hamster wheel of life.

The rubber stamp brigade of the crew without clue, stamps again. Because they say so, that makes it alright. I wish I could use that logic to justify my actions. And get away with it.

The crew without a clue feels that the Libby conviction is the first scandal in six years. I have got to get some of whatever they're smoking. Per Tim Grieve at Salon's War Room (subscription or watch a commercial, required):
The 2000 election. Katherine Harris. Bush v. Gore. Halliburton. The Aug. 6, 2001, presidential daily briefing. Jack Abramoff. David Safavian. Ken Tomlinson. The manipulation of terror alerts. The suppression of science on global warming. The case for war in Iraq. The Downing Street memo. Ohio in 2004. Voting machines. Claude Allen. Jeff Gannon. The lack of planning for "postwar" Iraq. Dusty Foggo. Katrina. Michael Brown. Enron. Wiretaps. Bank records surveillance. The $8.8 billion that went missing in Iraq. The neglect of wounded soldiers. The politicization of the Justice Department.
It may be International Women's Day (how special, not!) but it doesn't look good for our least favorite shemale pundit. Papers are dropping her column over the "faggot" statement. She might have been better off if she had said she was comparing him to a cigarette and meant to say fag end, but that would require a real command of the English language.

It seems that there was even more to the death of Capt. America than I thought. Still nailed the symbolism, which really is a shame. Just when he was needed the most. Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

My brain is definitely clueless to the amount of excess blubber that I carry around, but that isn't why I carry a few extra pounds. The brain may be clueless, but the mirror (and the jeans that won't button) never lies. I don't overeat, I oversit.

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