Saturday, March 24, 2007

C'est La Vie

The wails from the Oval Nursery (stole that from JollyRoger!) are increasing in both stridency and frequency. The First Enfant Terrrible either needs a bottle or his diaper needs to be changed. Probably both. Crying about partisan politics, he has no shame. No memory of his own behavior or the last six years. Whatever happened to that mandate? Oh yeah, the American people said they had had enough and elected other people to do their bidding with a prime directive of getting us out of Iraq. Scooter, Shooter and Pooter, the three stooges of arrogance, insolence and stupidity.

The Pat Tillman story continues. Every time I revisit it, my heart breaks. What a waste of life and talent. And Osama (anybody remember him?) is still running free. What a clusterf**k. They just don't make officers like they used to. So many have been held accountable for one disaster after another that pretty soon a butter bar (2nd Lt) is going to be in command of the whole thing.

I rather think these kids got “a legitimate instructional experience". It's called hypocrisy and censorship. People act like you're a kid and need to be protected until you're 18 unless you are poor and commit a violent crime, then you must be punished like an adult. The day they turn 18 we expect them to be fully responsible adults even though they have been protected from reality for the their whole lives. We aren't doing this generation any favors.

In the "it's about time" category, we have the Starbury from Stephen Marbury. A more than reasonably priced sneaker from an NBA star. One question. Does it have a girls model?

All the way through this article (Salon, worth watching the commercial) on Battlestar Galactica I thought they would refer to Babylon 5 as some sort of inspiration for how you pull off a serialized drama. It has a beginning, middle and end. The storyline from the first season was reflected in the last season and the middle fit right in. Not one word did I see written about B5, but Star Trek got plenty of mentions. While I have always been a Star Trek fan, and am currently rereading an old novel, that is like comparing apples to oranges. Now that I have DiSH I was hoping to get caught up except no new episodes until January 2008. Thank goodness for NetFlix.

Liar, liar,
pants on fire. Not that it seems to matter. Actually it seems to be endorsed and encouraged. Office of Professional Responsibility. What a hoot. No evidence? Bigger hoot.

That's the way it goes.

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