Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Am Not Three Fifths Of A Person

But that does seem to be what the crew without a clue would like to make my vote. Or make it count for nothing. Only well to do white people are allowed to vote without hassle? Wouldn't want the majority to have a say, they might vote to change things so they can have a chance to get ahead. Wouldn't want that. No way, Jose. Or Shaniqua.

People are going to be very surprised by what the Oval Nursery considers to be Executive Privilege. We call it a dictatorship in other countries, especially if they are people of color. There is no bridge too far that the current administration won't seek to destroy. Or Constitution.

I'm adding cool links to Google Reader this morning and this is such a cool site. Wise Bread, Living large on a small budget. Really cool articles. Did I use the word "cool" enough?

Then there's Home Ec 101, things you wish your mama had taught you.

DC deserves full representation in Congress. Period. Oh wait, isn't the District populated predominantly by people of the three fifths variety? Never mind. Shameful, just shameful.

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