Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't Stop The Dance

Need. More. Troops. Fresh, but with experience. All applicants (who aren't gay) welcome. Many positions available. Overseas travel included.

The lead singer, Brad Delp of seventies rock group Boston, has passed away at the relatively young age of 55. Their first album really rocked, even though it was played way too much. Rest in peace.

Another predictable consequence of legislating in panic. Some of us warned that this would happen, but we were just barking moonbats. Now Bush wants this fixed.
"My question is, `What are you going to do solve the problem and how fast can you get it solved?'" the president said.
I'll just bet he does. Solved so that we don't hear of it again but Americans can still be spied on for no reason other than they just don't like us and they have the power and are more than willing to use it.

No wonder everything is falling apart for the US. Our president is displaying to the world his vast grasp of human interaction and is displaying typical kindergarten playground behavior by playing "If I don't mention your name, you don't exist." Guaranteed to win friends and influence people. Touring South America must make him feel like he's touring New Orleans again. Except that the average skin color is a little lighter.

I would have loved to have seen Stephen Hawking, that must have been fascinating. A Briefer History Of Time? I read the original, don't know if I want to wade through all that again, even if it is the condensed version. The disrespect showed to the other lecturers is unbelievable. Those kids who did attend will be remembered by those professors and will probably be reflected in their grades and extra help. Respect works both ways. Dissing a Nobel laureate, who do these kids think they are?

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