Sunday, March 11, 2007

Modern Life

Why doesn't the dictionary in Firefox 2.0 recognize its own name or the words internet and blog? Just wondering why they couldn't have thought just a wee bit further into the future and realize that those words would become commonplace?

While I'm wondering about things, I got DiSH installed on Friday. The picture rocked! Until I turned it on again on Saturday morning and it wanted to be hooked up to an active phone line and nothing could change its mind. So I called tech support from my cell phone and said that was all I had. They said it would be five dollars more per month. I said something unprintable and then asked "just out of curiosity, how much is my monthly bill?" "$45.97" he replied. I said that was unacceptable. They transferred me to an account rep.

I explained to her that I had ordered the basic service for $19.99 a month for ten months, that I didn't really need Showtime but had been given it for three months, a PVR and local channels and that my installation fee would be refunded on my first months bill. She told me that program was no longer available. That I now had the America's Top 100 instead of 60 and if I wanted to reduce my bill I could get rid of the PVR and the local channels. I said "That's called bait and switch, for crappy service like that I could go back to Comcast." She explained to me that the company who did the installation had made a mistake and was using old paperwork. I'll say. After looking at it carefully, I spotted the letters SBC, which was the incarnation of AT&T before it became Cingular and after it was AT&T. All in the space of six years.

They are going to swap out my dual PVR that I didn't ask for and give me the single, in 8-10 weeks I'll receive a coupon in the mail and once I send that back in, they will take ten dollars a month off my bill for ten months. I feel used and abused, with no idea if I'm getting my installation fee back. They reset the satellite signal and I had tv again.

So later I'm watching Comedy Central and the screen goes black. What now? After reading the manual I realize that I have a V-chip in the tv, whose remote is missing. I finally get into the proper menu and sure enough, TV-MA was blocked. Not any more.

Mom set the only manual clock before we went to bed, the cell phones and Mac sprung forward by themselves and I pushed the DST switch on the iHome. All done. Just like Y2K, much ado about nothing. How come the dictionary didn't object to Y2K?



  1. Firefox has a dictionary? Do I need to upgrade?

  2. If you have FF2.0, the dictionary is standard. It's the red squiggly underline when it doesn't recognize a word.