Monday, March 05, 2007

Everbody's Talking

What is the hardly ever right going to do now that it's obvious that Walter Reed is NOT an isolated incident? That it isn't a few disgruntled troops? That it's a problem from coast to coast? I grew up using military hospitals during the Vietnam war and my memory is of how clean they were, how they smelled of alcohol and how shiny everything was. It was someone's job and it reflected their pride, duty and honor. Those jobs that got outsourced to private contractors at many times the salary of a lower enlisted soldier were important to the proper functioning of the military but if you have no respect for the troops to begin with, it isn't a great stretch to deny them simple humanities such as competent health care.

The adventures of ponzo is a new addition to my blogroll, he found me because he was researching who was interested in the Walter Reed debacle. He's currently experiencing military ineptitude first hand. I hope he still likes me, even if I am a liberal.

The homeless veteran population is growing and only an ostrich would believe that it will get better without help. Perhaps we could get ahead of the curve for a change?

Indentured servitude is making a comeback in the US. If this idea takes off, it will be only a few short steps to making it mandatory and pretty soon, you don't have to pay people a working wage, you can just arrest them and put them to work. Now we know why they keep busting pot smokers.

Even though I own a somewhat small dog (the world's most beautiful pug, Shai Shai) myself, I just can't imagine four German Shepherds getting rounded up by strangers. As scary and tragic as the scene must have felt, the picture of two grown men trying to scoop up puppies did bring a smile to my face. That must have been some talk that the dad gave. Shame he hadn't done it a few years earlier.

I can't imagine why someone would think it was a conspiracy that fourteen journalists have died under suspicious circumstances during the current Russian regime. It could happen to anyone, and just because they were in the process of embarrassing the government is no reason to start putting two and two together and coming up with fourteen. Anyone can fall head first from a fifth story window with their coat and hat on, even though they lived on the third. Or get killed unloading groceries.


  1. Just wanted to pop by and let you know that I linked this post and to thank you for turning me on to the "indentured servitude" article--producing a lively discussion, that one is.

  2. Thanks, I'm heading over.