Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alone Again, Naturally

One of the best things about being single is that you rarely have to explain yourself or your behaviors. My other favorite part is having the temperature, lighting and home entertainment just the way I want. The loneliest I have ever been was when I was married. There weren't enough romance novels to fix that mistake. Marriage doesn't complete you or make you a happier person, no matter what the novels, television or the movies tell you. The bloom usually falls off that rose. Singles are happier and more content than ever, no matter what yiour family tells you.

From nappy headed hos (What the heck was Imus thinking? Those women were from Rutgers, not the ghetto.) to being willing to being willing to endorse slavery to blaming black culture instead of poverty and a lack of education, the real attitudes are starting to become more public. Racism is definitely simmering but stupidity is at a rolling boil.

Been there, said that. Quit talking and do something constructive for the troops. Why does somebody who has suffered a traumatic brain injury need to be evaluated for disability? Needless paperwork, designed to delay paying injured veterans for as long as possible. Till death seems to be the goal. Meanwhile they want to spend hundreds of millions to fix Walter Reed. Till they close it down as soon as possible.

And if anybody believes that emails regarding the US Attorney firings are lost, they must be fans of the tv show and not reality. Every day that goes by it becomes harder to ignore the scent of three day old dead skunk. Stinking to high heaven.

Penny wise, pound foolish. Recruitment and reenlistment will drop, divorces will increase, PTSD will affect even more troops and WE STILL AREN'T GOING TO WIN! This is also known as throwing good money after bad. Our current administration obviously isn't familiar with waste not, want not. But they do like to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I guess it's too late for if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Way too late, but it only took them four years to get the picture. Now if only someone would turn the light on for them.


  1. Newt has pretty much revealed his racism to the world. From his "dumb Black Nawleaners" speech to CPAC to his "ghetto wetback" speech to the Republican Women of America, he's left no doubt as to what he thinks. If he decides to run for President, any other Gopper can write off the South. Racism just got more polite there-quite clearly, it never went away.

  2. "the real attitudes are starting to become more public." really? so when are we going to start growing?

    btw, i put up a piece that tries that and would not mind something other than a bunch of honkies to add to it. you are invited and bring your own bubble bath.

  3. I find Al Sharpton to be a loathesome opportunist, but that doesn't change the fact that Imus picked on a bunch of classy, hard-working female athletes.

    And I agree, Jolly Roger, that Gingrich is as bigoted as they come. Let's not forget that he thinks Spanish is "the language of the ghetto."

    If Gingrich chooses to run, the GOP can just forget about the Latino vote.

  4. Imus is gone but Limpballs is still blathering. To say nothing of the other motormouths.