Friday, April 13, 2007

It's A Small World, After All

Good days, bad days, now that's an understatement. There isn't enough lipstick on the planet to make this pig look pretty, no matter how much they try. And boy, are they trying.
"This is bad news, but they've been trying to secure a large area in the middle of a war zone, and the fact is that it has so far happened rarely," said Michael E. O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution. "The Green Zone is still the least of our concerns."
Speaking of the least of their concerns, didn't the acting White House Press Secretary look really smug when she said that the emails that they were trying to hide from the beginning couldn't be recovered? Downright cheerful she was, as if they were putting one over on the public and thought nobody would notice. She had the Bush smirk down perfectly. I wonder if he knows she imitates him?

Taking responsibility for your actions - even if they are mistakes - is a lesson that the Bush family and his so-called administration could stand to learn, preferably in our lifetime. To think that an entertainment figure, not as famous as John DeLorean or Robert Downey, Jr., admits he was wrong and is willing to pay the price, saving the taxpayer the cost of a trial. Unfortunately for him, prison is nothing like Prison Break, there will be no tattooed hero to help him escape. Responsibility, what a concept.

When my parents married in 1954, they literally were one in a million, now not so much.

Did you know that Chicken Little is related to Gertie the Dinosaur? If they were real, they would have several bone proteins in common. Recent research has shown that dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds, as well as having something in common with frogs and newts. There's a joke in there somewhere.

Have you ever had an earworm or earwig? I don't get them often but right now I Think I'm In Love by Beck, crawled into my brain and it won't leave.
But that's not an earwig. An earwig is a vile, despicable thing, an auditory abomination so loathsome that my regard for you, the reader, prevents me from suggesting some of the more common manifestations of this infestation. (Afternoon Delight) No, it would be a rude host indeed (Milkshake) who would even mention (Who Let the Dogs Out) some of the more horrific (Anything by Abba) parasites that can become wedged (Achy Breaky Heart) among the malleus, incus and stapes of the memory (Mr. Roboto). Earwigs are not mere figments (Leather and Lace) of our imagination; they have a scientific basis. (Barbie Girl)

It's not that I dislike pop music. (New York, London, Paris, Munich) I used to program Top-40 radio stations and promote records for a major label.
No mention of the big one, the one that should never be named. Or hummed. Or used as a blog title.

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