Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dumb, De Dumb Dumb

There was an article about fascism that I (did you know that you can't highlight one letter?)and quite a few others linked to, for varying reasons. If you are a new conservative, it was wild speculation from a liberal who just doesn't understand how safety is everything and the President is always right, even if he's wrong. To a raging liberal, it was confirmation that the sky is falling and the world is coming to an end. To me, the article was a harbinger of things to come, if the citizens continue on the path of blithe indifference.

Item number 2 screams; look at me! Create a gulag. Combined with number 10, suspend the rule of law, they engender a frightening view of the future. As in, the pretty doggone near kind of future. Like the one we have in Guantanamo, where the Bush administration wants to limit access to lawyers, read privileged communications between lawyer and client, even though according to another article, only 80 of the 370 prisoners is going to be charged with aiding the Taliban or al-Qaeda. So why can't they have lawyers and trials so the 310 innocent ones can go home? How can anyone justify this type of behavior and still believe that we are spreading freedom and democracy across the world?

Why is it that a fifteen year old boy or girl is treated as an innocent and fragile teenager (especially if they're blond) for being the victim of sexual assault (and they are, don't get your panties in a bunch!) but are considered to be adults who knew the consequences of their actions when they commit a crime orthey've been brainwashed by the adults around them? We have lost all sense of perspective and therefore, are well on the way to losing our humanity. Instead of being a beacon of light and freedom, we have become a black hole of despair and torture.

If we sit around and do nothing, our state sponsored terrorists will win. Now isn't that a pretty pickle for the land of the free and and the home of the brave?

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