Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Have A Question

I had this idea that taking a day off to recharge my batteries, might give me a more positive perspective on things. And it did, even after I stepped on the hot barbecue coal and burnt one of my middle toes and the ball of my foot. Right up until this morning, when I stupidly started reading an article that would only confirm the accusations I made while the national shame that was Katrina, was occurring. Now I'm absolutely positive that the Bush administration never had any intention of ever helping the citizens of the Gulf Coast and every day that goes by it looks like they actively worked to prevent them from getting help. Even if it didn't cost this country a dime.

So, my question is this. Exactly what constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors in this country? Even if we blow off the incompetence of preventing 9/11; the lack of pursuit of Osama bin Forgotten (by the crew without clue that is);, Abu Ghraib; Guantanamo; Pat Tillman and the cover-up; the varied and false premises for war with Iraq; the debacle of said war; the lack of a connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda; the abuse and lack of support for our troops (both during and after service); still no WMDs; deliberately outing a member of the CIA; the destruction of the Bill of Rights and the flagrant disregard of the Constitution; doesn't deliberately refusing while actively preventing to help the citizens of the country you supposedly are in charge of, deserve some type of formal charges? There are dictatorships that have been held to more accountability than these guys.

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  1. At this point it looks like the Decider-in-Chief gets to decide what a high crime or misdemeanor is.

    Nothing like efficiency of government. One branch, no waiting!

  2. Depraved Indifference versus 'Support the Troops'
    (reprint 3.13.07 post)
    It is well documented that the State Department prepared a post Iraq invasion plan that pointed out the likelihood of Sunni on Shia civil strife/slaughter.
    This document was shelved and ignored.
    The Military general staff was forbidden on pain of being fired from preparing a full G-4 or post-invasion plan which would with 100% certainty have warned of this civil slaughter danger.
    There is a crime in this duplicitous action to send human targets into battle but hide known consequences that were politically inexpedient. This action ended up causing thousands of deaths and injuries to purposefully unprepared U.S. troops. This crime is called 'Depraved Indifference.'
    All mankind now knows that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld organized a propaganda network which cherry picked intelligence to deliberately deceive the American public. (That somebody from this large organized propaganda cabal, in this case Cheney's Chief of Staff, was eventually convicted of felonious behavior should not be surprising. But those who support a Scooter pardon should be made to publicly declare that they are in essence declaring that they support, then and now, the propaganda program that lied American and Iraqi citizens into this spiraling deathtrap called Iraq. But I digress.)
    Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al not only cherry picked false fear-based intelligence that led to this conflagration they also deliberately buried the the dangers that our troops would face.
    They put the troops in harms way. Plenty of documentation exists that the neocon cabal did not 'Support our Troops' by providing the normal and required prewar planning.
    Had the political agenda of the neocon cabal been made subservient to proper war planning, thousands of our troops and tens of thousands of Iraqis would not now be dead or maimed.
    This depraved indifference should have its day in court.
    Craig Johnson
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