Thursday, May 24, 2007

Betrayal Of Trust

From the must be kidding department, emoticons as jewelry. $275 each, complete with sapphires. I'm a geek, but lets get real.

As the old saying goes; money talks, bullshit walks (yes, I know I cussed, I apologize). And this was as pure and unadulterated as they come. And people wonder why more women don't report rape. This wasn't the Duke case and the DA can be at peace with her decision all she wants but this was a complete travesty of justice and a betrayal of the public trust. If she thinks her department needs to better educate the public about the law, then I guess she should start with her own sheriff. What a load of crap. She'll be lucky if gets to finish her term.

As NASA ramps down, China is ramping up. Besides energizing their own space program they are helping third world companies to enter the digital age, which will give them allies for the future. Our days of smug superiority are over but that message hasn't penetrated into the perceptions of the crew without a clue and their enablers.

The war funding bill should have been sent back time after time, let Bush keep vetoing it instead of caving in and doing what he wants which is directly opposite of the people's wants and let him deal with the fallout. Instead, once again, the Democrats blinked. The American people would have supported Congress over the President but once again, there has been a betrayal of the public trust. This one is going to cost innocent lives and in the end, the troops are still going to come home because we aren't really making a positive difference nor are we containing the violence. As if anyone in charge really cares about the civilians. Or the troops.

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