Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Divorced From Reality

How unfortunate. The only positive thing to be said about this story, is that at least he wasn't shooting to kill. I hope.

Whoop de-do. So Fred Thompson is going to run for president. Thank goodness, now maybe we can have a new D.A. on Law & Order and I can start watching it again. While I believe that it was the passing of Jerry Orbach that started the decline of the show, Thompson is what ruined it for me.

I use a laptop exclusively and I like to have as much screen real estate as possible, so I don't have any extra toolbars (other than Stumbleupon) installed on Firefox. Seems that's a good thing. How many search boxes do people need?

I'm confused. Is Andrew Sullivan conservative or liberal? It's hard to tell nowadays. Of course torture doesn't work. Cracks me up. For years we have watched successful interrogations on tv cop shows and thought nothing of it. Then along comes 24 and now torture is an acceptable means of extracting information from the enemy even though it never works on the hero. People can believe that Jack Bauer can resist torture for two years in a Chinese prison but that a terrorist is going to tell the truth in minutes because of some clumsy torture tactics. What kind of fairy tale world is everybody living in? It's no accident that Heroes is a hit. I swear that I didn't see this article by Juan Cole in Salon, where he comes to the same conclusion but with links, before writing that last statement.


  1. RE: the first story, I have to wonder why an 18-year-old had to sneak out of the house to see her boyfriend. And the whole dad "on leave since he was hit by a truck" adds even more layers. Curious.

  2. My sentiments exactly. It was very strange.