Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday's Oddities

Undiscovered elephants, how cool is that? It makes me happy to think that after all this time, all of the exploration, not to mention the satellite equipment, and these elephants have been there for years. Will they be left alone? Highly doubtful because you know there is someone who thinks they need to make a buck more than these elephants need to live.

I love new ideas and anything to do with progress towards getting us out into space and headed to explore other planets, as long as it isn't to perpetuate war, I'm all for. Liquid mirrors on the moon, but some of the details need to be worked out. Like how it's going to get there. I find it hard to believe that almost forty years after reaching the moon, we're back in the same position, still trying to get there. By contrast, in the forty years after Columbus made his infamous voyage, Europeans had conquered the Incans, the Mayans and were starting in on the American Indians. The globe had been circumnavigated from west to east and trade routes were set up between China, the Americas and Europe. All this technology and we are making slower progress than in the days of paper and quill.

Well, now you have six months to meet your new coworkers, pry into their personal business and determine if the company you work for is discriminating against you. Does anybody think that if this case had concerned a white male in the same position (like that would ever happen), that the decision would have been in favor of the the company? Not likely.

My dad died on the Fourth of July and to this day I find it difficult to watch everybody celebrate, now eight other families will be forced to remember their loved ones on a national holiday. Except that this one celebrates the sacrifices of those lost in the stupidity of war.

Watched Holes the other night, what an enjoyable movie. It had been in the Netflix queue for the better part of two years, and now that the summer season has started the queue should empty a little faster.

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