Sunday, May 13, 2007


Rocked! It really rocked! OMG! The coldest I have been for five hours and I thought I was prepared with my two hats, blanket and heavy coat, but I was mistaken. The wind was whipping over the pier and people were shivering, except for a few people wearing shorts and tank tops until it got dark, I believe they had chemical help in withstanding the cold. The crowd warmed up as soon as the tortillas came out and we started playing tortilla frisbee, that was fun. Pretty soon there were enough seagulls flying around that an old Hitchcock movie was mentioned more than once. What a great idea to get the crowd energized.

Ozomatli was fantastic, I recognized more songs by Guster than I thought I would and Kenny Wayne Shepherd played all of his old stuff, nothing from his newest album. Then there were the fireworks. Set against a crystal clear backdrop it was an organized cacophony of light, color and sound. The shiny happy faces were back and they were in color. Luxuriant, spectacular, eye-popping and jaw-dropping color. And the rest of the performance was nothing to sneeze at. Lots of oohs, awws and holy *** were heard on a frequent basis. Also heard on the way out, "those were the best fireworks I have every seen!" Every year they get better and better. What a great way to start my birthday week.

Thanks, KFOG! I'm sorry I complained about the ticket price, the fireworks alone were worth the price of admission.

Now if I could just find the recipe for the spicy garlic fries. Those were beyond good.


  1. I tried to watch the fireworks from home, but the view wasn't very good this year.

    I saw Ozomatli with Santana once at Shoreline. Great stuff!

  2. The ascending jellyfish were almost beyond belief, they were that unusual and that pretty.

    One of the reasons I suffer through the cold and traffic is to enjoy the fireworks going off right above me.

    Did I mention that the train hit a car on the way back? Nobody in it, but it ruined the idea of an express train.