Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Society's Current Mantra

It's not my fault, nobody could have foreseen, I'm special, I thought someone else was responsible, and my personal favorite, I didn't know. Of course the White House is defending Wolfowitz, they have a history of defending the incompetent and their transgressions, otherwise known as malfeasance. The founding members of the crew without a clue believe in the first, but not the last, part of that old prayer, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." It never ceases to fascinate me how they pick and choose what parts of the Bible they choose to follow. You can forget the "love thy neighbor" stuff, unless the neighbor has something the current rulers desire. Like their sons, property or the right to privacy.

When Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death forty years ago while thirty eight people watched from their windows and did absolutely nothing else, that was a glaring example of the bystander effect, which unfortunately keeps being repeated. Both the crimes and the watching. How anyone could stand around and watch a 91 year old man be beaten and carjacked, I will never understand. Low in class, low in spirit, low in life. Indeed. And the comments! Shameful, just shameful.

This "woman" needs a good dose of reality. Fear of incarceration is supposed to make you obey the law, not avoid the penalty for bad behavior. She must think she is a member of the privileged Bush socioeconomic class, you know the ones. They do the crime but not the time.

Perhaps teaching objective, critical thinking in grade school would be of more benefit than teaching a core curriculum to teenagers with an attitude. Instead of labeling a child as having attention deficit disorder every time they ask why, maybe educators should answer the questions instead of insisting on medication to make the kids easier to handle in school. Children's brains are malleable and open to learning new things, teenagers as we all know, know everything. Except how to read, write, add and subtract at a level that will enable them to successfully complete college and understand what they have learned. But keep forcing that standardized testing thing, it hasn't worked very well so the solution must be to increase the standardization and produce little robots that spout information they don't understand. It's fascinating how people who went to school in the sixties have screwed up the school system. I hated essay tests too, but at least it forced me to think. Oops, I guess they don't want that. Can you imagine how many drugs they would give to Robin Williams if he was in third grade right now? No wonder comedians have resorted to the "F" word in an attempt to be funny. It's hard to make associations unless you can pick one from column A and one from column C.

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