Friday, May 11, 2007

Shakedown Street

How many more times must this scene be repeated before the crew without a clue, gets a clue? How much longer can this go on? When will people stop playing politics with these kids lives and do what the American people want? We want our troops home. Now. This ridiculous posturing on both sides of the aisle is wasting our troops lives and will accomplish nothing in the long run. The short run isn't looking too good either. We are going to leave Iraq, the only questions are when and who will be the last person to die for this mistake. Can't say man anymore, 71 women have lost their lives in this foolish pursuit of nothing.

Technology is a wonderful thing and I love to use as much of it as I can afford. Mark Morford feels the same way but he can obviously afford more because he obviously has a nice car. A very nice car.

No wonder our political system is so messed up. Too much worrying about the lobbyists and their money, not enough worrying about what their constituents want. Too much what's good for the party and no what's good for the people of the country. Maybe the people lost faith in your leadership because it was pretty obvious that the NRCC doesn't care about the average American. Unless they spend $2,500 a ticket.

CBS fires Retired General John Batiste for doing an ad for VoteVets. You know,, one of those things that speaks the truth, so off with his talking head.

All last year they tested my thyroid. First it was too fast, then it was too slow, and now supposedly it's just right. As if I'm Goldilocks or something. I've been much more tired lately, slightly queasy and have gained weight despite cutting calories and increasing physical activity. I actually fell asleep, sitting up and in the middle of the day. Definitely not normal. I think I'll have them check me again. Now, if only the writer of this article had bothered to tell us what the new test was. Getting old is not pleasant, but infinitely better than the alternative.

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