Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Morning Nibbles

The never right wing should be having apoplectic fits right about now, since what they really want is to build huge walls around the US and deport anyone who can't prove that they have European ancestors and this plan doesn't take those wishes into account. A $5000 fine? How in the heck are they going to get that kind of money plucking chickens or picking lettuce? Supposedly this deal will emphasize that we want educated people to become Americans. The proof will be in how it is administered and given the current climate of ineptitude and partisan politics, this will fail right along with everything else that has been attempted in the last few years.

When I informed my doctor that I was only doing one puff a day of my inhaled corticosteroid, he had a fit and started lecturing me about how dangerous it was. I told him that one puff was working for me, I did it consistently and haven't had an episode in years, other than the ibuprofen induced one. He shakes his head and acts like I'm a goofball every time he refills the prescription. I wonder if I should send him this article.

Now I have absolutely no reason to watch the CW. It was bad enough when they made the stupid move of canceling Everwood and keeping 7th Heaven, but now that Veronica Mars is gone there is no reason to even include the channel in my faves. Oops, too bad.

Fundamentally flawed. Now there's an understatement. Since the assassination took place in Texas one shouldn't expect a thorough investigation. According to conventional wisdom the perpetrator got what he deserved and that should be the end of it because the truth as opposed to the propaganda should never be revealed. I hope I'm still alive when the truth is finally revealed. Please.


  1. Hi Deb! Seems to me that it's your birthday around now. Hope you have a good one!!
    Rick J

  2. Thanks Rick! The big day (51) is tomorrow. I have absolutely nothing planned (well I did but then I had to fix the car to the tune of $500) so I will just be puttering about, playing in the garden and going out to sushi.

    My birthday present to myself is to renew my AP license. I thought about getting new glasses...I'm getting old. :)