Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fluff and Scandals

If you ever get convicted of a crime, have your lawyer remember to point out that you showed up for your court date and you should get your sentence slashed in half for good behavior. Why not, it worked for Paris. This is an absolute travesty of justice. If she was black, she would have had to stay in jail until her court appearance and then she would go straight from court to jail to start serving her sentence. It must be nice to be so privileged, in my next life I'm going to try and come back as blond, rich and dumb. No wonder people think that American women have loose morals, between Paris and Anna Nicole...

And the sense of entitlement continues. Paul Wolfowitz wants to cleared of wrongdoing before he quits. BFD. Fire his lying and thieving personage, smack him with a million dollars in fines and, oh wait, I forgot that these people don't have to pay for their mistakes. Who cares if the Bush administration is unhappy with the World Bank? Why is everybody so interested in compromising with people who have no intention of compromising with them? Why can't they impose sanctions on the US until we start to follow the rules? We do it to other countries and on less provocation.

It isn't in the best interests of the current leadership of this country to have people understand history and civics. The less the populace knows, the less likely the crew without a clue is to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors of the non-blowjob variety. Which explains why people are so happy about the marginal gains on the history test, since the majority are still flunking. Or at least that was what less than 70 percent was considered when I was in school.

As further evidence that we are being "governed" by clowns in search of a crown, the continuing saga of FiringGate continues to expand. It seems that 26 out of 93, approximately 1 in 4, were considered for firing. For no reason whatsoever. It didn't matter if they were GOP donors or had an excellent prosecutorial record, they could end of up on one of the many lists being circulated. Everyone seemed to have their own agenda, nobody really cared about the nation they were supposed to be serving. So, my question is this. Does this administration do any real work or is it all pomp and circumstance? If they had spent this much time and effort investigating the Middle East, our troops wouldn't be in the mess they are in now and the White House might have had enough time left over to try and repair the city of New Orleans.

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