Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why, Why, Why

Why are people still paying attention to this very angry and extremely delusional woman? Ann babbles incoherent venom at the drop of a hat, never letting facts or the truth stand in the way of an outrageous sound bite. or another futile attempt at character assassination. Some people, such as Evan Witt, have a sane response to her, showing that they are the ones capable of critical thinking, as well as a sense of humor.
"As the 2008 election campaign continues to heat up, I am sure that there will be informed and incisive criticisms of polls from many observers," he said. Coulter's comments "do not fit into this category," he added.
Why do some sportswriters in America hate Barry Bonds so much? He's still hitting it out of the ballpark (on a track for 60 home runs this year and he's definitely not doing steroids, knowingly or not), nobody talks about his eight Golden Gloves (which involves catching the ball and getting it to the appropriate person) or his seven MVP awards because they are too busy trying to justify their position and not look at facts. I wonder if people would like him better if he had sucked up to the media or appeared on some stupid reality show? Whatever, the man is playing baseball, not running for office.

Why does Duck! Cheney have to travel outside of the United States unannounced? The Queen can go anywhere. Is it because he is globally, and probably universally, hated by people he's screwed over in the name of corporate profits? Or maybe it's the death and destruction that he caused by his fraudulent warmongering? Or maybe because other people want revenge for the ruin of their lives? Or maybe they are afraid (you bet they are) that someone will decide not to wait for judgment day to be judge, jury and executioner?

Why wasn't this broadcast on the news? Wouldn't you think that it was important that more than half of Iraqi's lawmakers want us to leave? I guess the media really is biased. Just not in the direction that the almost never right says it is.

Why would anyone believe the truth and memory challenged Attorney General after the last few weeks? Let us focus on crime instead of what we did wrong, what a load of boohoo. Dude, what you guys did was a crime and since your department in incapable of investigating itself, Congress is going to do it for you. It should be a gonzo affair. I'd get some popcorn to watch the festivities but I don't want to get popcorn lung disease because another in a long line of federal agencies is incapable of doing its job of protecting the public. So not a surprise. Unfortunately.

Why do Republicans believe that changing the head of the NRCC is going to change the political climate, when it is obvious that most Americans want something completely different? Rahm Emmanuel isn't why the Democrats currently have control of Congress, it's because the average American got fed up with the status quo and decided to vote for change. So far the Republican party has decided to go in the opposite direction, embracing the Iraq war and continuing to destroy our military in the foolish pursuit of salvaging our national reputation while simultaneously lining their pockets with the people's money. Here's a hint. Bring home the National Guard and the Reserves and fix the infrastructure of the United States. Quit worrying about our "moral" health (lately ya'll aren't the party to be talking about that stuff) and take care of the country. Rebuild New Orleans, start fixing some dams before they burst, get the toxins out of the food chain, that kind of thing might be more appreciated by the average voter. As if you care.


WTF2! This irresponsible woman makes me ill. What a whiner. It just goes to show that being born into money doesn't give you class. She doesn't enliven my life and that isn't a good reason for a pardon. You did wrong, suck it up and pay the price. Everyone else has to.


  1. You got that right. The House went dem IN SPITE OF Emmanuel, whose insistence on DLCers probably cost the dems another dozen seats or so.

  2. If I ever get arrested, convicted and sentenced for something, I wonder if people will start a "free Mixter" website?